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Manpreet Singh 13Manpreet Singh 13 

Show Case updates in chronological manner on Visualforce

Dear All,

I am creating a visualforce page which would basically capture case related updates (excluding field updates) including Tasks created, Emails Sent, Email recieved , Comments created, custom related lists in chronological fashion on Visualforce page. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
You really need a VF for this ?
What extra than a Case Feed are you tracking/want to show ?

If the data you want to show is just a subset of what you see in Case Feed, you may query all feed items related to the Case and filter out unwanted ones using Type field. You may display the filtered feed items on your VF page.
Manpreet Singh 13Manpreet Singh 13
Thank you for the pointer. Basically, I am somewhat trying to replicate Print view functionality on visualforce page and want to show items like emails, tasks, case comments, log a call, custom related list etc in a chronological fashion on visualforce page. I would not like to see all the fields from Email, tasks etc on this visualforce page but a handful which are appropriate for user community like

From Email -- To, CC, BCC, Subject, Email Body, Created Date etc from Email
From Tasks - Subject, Priority, Due Date, Subject, Comment
From Custom related objects - X, y, Z
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Manpreet Singh 13Manpreet Singh 13
Hello Jayant, 

Still working on the code. Once code is ready, I will surely paste the code and mark the best answer. Thanks.

Manpreet Singh