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Mallik Vemugunta 5Mallik Vemugunta 5 

Adding external JAR files into salefroce

I want to add external JAR files into salesforce to do API call, unfortunately they do not have WSDL.

Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani
Hi Mallik Vemugunta,

You can upload your file as static resource 
Refer to the below link for creating the same.

Remember you can refer them in Visualforce.
I am not aware of any method in apex where you can use them.
To access them in visualforce page you can refer them as follows


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Anant KamatAnant Kamat
@Mallik Vemugunta 5 - Were you able to add a JAR file as static resource and access the methods of the classes which are part of the JAR file. Please let me know the details since I am stuck in a similar situation.