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ajay kumar 70ajay kumar 70 

Multiple currencies on same report

Hi, I have created an Matrix report and used to currency formula to SUM the amount by Invoice number. However I can see that all the currencies have been converted to USD. The expectation is whatever currency is there in the Amount field that should be appear in the currency formula field as well. 

If you see here in my report, the Invoice Amount is in INR, but my total Amount is automatically converted to USD. I want the amount in INR only.

User-added image

Any idea to solve this issue?

NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ajay,

It should be possible. For example, on our opps, the amount field will display in the currency of the opportunity. On reports, we have the option of including the amount in original currency and/or the amount in any currency. In the report customization page, under the SHOW drop down, there is an option to change the currencies on the report. 

So, there are ways to achieve this ... it just depends how you are set up. Where does the "summation" happen and what does it sum? 

Please let me know if this helps

Best Regards
ajay kumar 70ajay kumar 70
Hello Naga, If you see the screenshot, I am summing the Amount based on Invoice number. If invoice number is same that amount I am summing up in the next column. But if you see the amount is getting converted automatically to USD. I want the SUM in original currency whatever is there for that record. Hope I am clear on this. [cid:image001.png@01D085BE.195D26C0] Regards, Ajay
Tim VerheydenTim Verheyden
Hi there,

Don't know if you still need an answer to your question, but if you edit your report, then click on "show", you will see a section called "display currencies" where you can select a currency. When doing so all the summary values will be converted to your chosen currency.
Abex GuerreroAbex Guerrero
Hi Ajay, you might know it now but this is not possible. Once a field is summarized, it will take the currency of the one you have set on the "Show>Currency using".