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Eric BowdenEric Bowden 

How to prevent just-in-time provision of users for a Visualforce page

I'm looking to create a custom Visualforce page for a client who has just-in-time provisioning enabled.

My understanding is that just-in-time provisioning will activate, and create an account for users that do not already have an account, for access to any page in Salesforce, including a Visualforce page.

For this particular Visualforce page, my client would like for existing users to have access, but they do not want access for this Visualforce page to trigger automatic provisiong of a user account, if an account does not already exist.

Can the just-in-time provisioning feature be controlled per page?  For example, is there a URL query string parameter that I could use to block the just-in-time provisioning feature?

Originally thinking this could be a configuration question, I posted it to the success community (https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000D4cV).  One reply suggests that it is not something that can be configured and directed me to post this as a question to the developer forum.