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Aaron Persich 8Aaron Persich 8 

Your Flow Finished Message


I am working with flows in our test enviorment and the flow works from a button I created.  However, when I select the button to run the flow I get the below message.  I currently have to hit the back button on my browser to go back to the object and then I have to refresh it to show the results.  Is there a way to imilinate this message and refresh the object to show the flow results?  

User-added image


Brian CherryBrian Cherry
I embeded the flow in a visualforce page and added this: You can add a close button to this page on the bottom that users can click or they can simply X out of the flow window. The parent page will refresh automatically.

<script type="text/javascript">
    function closeWin(){    
            window.parent.opener.location.href = window.parent.opener.location.href;
            window.opener.location.href = window.opener.location.href;
    function closeWindow_NoAction(){


Aaron Persich 8Aaron Persich 8
Thanks Brian.  This is a good work around.  However, we have other flows where the "Your Flow Has Finished" message does not populate.  Is this a flow setting or something?
This might help. you could try using the retUrl but check the Note about that on the link below.
Brian CherryBrian Cherry
Hey Aaron,
My guess is they use Balaji link and set a finish location. So when they click finish, it goes to another VF page that closes and refreshes the parent page. If it's an old flow prior to I think 2013, there was a desktop program that allowed the programmer to do some interesting things with the flows. Sadly it's not available anymore.

Take care,
Anh Tran 43Anh Tran 43
You can make a visual page look like below

<apex:page standardController="Drawing__c">
<flow:interview name="Update_Drawing_Name_To_Each_Item">
Anh Tran 43Anh Tran 43
With that way, you don't need to embed the visual force page to salesforce , just add a new custom button and run the visual force page above.