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implementing 2 way SSL

We need to implement two way SSL with external system (in PHP). The external system has created a UI that accepts only three formats (PEM, DER, PFX)

Now in salesforce I could create a self-signed certificate (.crt) or .csr Now how can I convert my .csr or .crt to above formats (PEM,DER or PFX)

Can using crypto class we can covert to these above formats, I possible can somebody provide me code. Actually the scenario is like this.
--> SFDC clients will be generating crs and getting crt (CA signed) and upload the same them in external system
--> Our's is a salesforce plug-in (managed package) that input certificates name and pass it in webservice callout (req.certname = XYZ)
--> The external system will validate the certificate and provide response

The external system supports 2 way but accepts only (PEM,DER or PFX) files.

How can I achieve this or the external sysstem has to modify their system to accept .crt files as well