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Jasmin JainJasmin Jain 

Some one can help me how to Update 2 field values based on 1 piklist value change through workflow Rule?

I have one requirement like  below

Have one Picklist with 3 values one of the value Named "REQUEST"   if i select" REQUEST" based on this field i want to update 2 filelds  which is alreday existing the values from other 2 fields.

 if i select piklist value  REQUEST means update the A,B Fields whatever the data contains from other 2 fileds C,D.
   A  <--------------C
   B <----------------D

Thanks for your time and effort  :)

i came to know this will possible by Trigger or workflow .....Can some one let me know how can i achieve?

Thanks for your Time and effort

This is possible using workflow rule. Create a workflow rule which acts on related object for evaluation criteria *created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria*. In Rule criteria, select if picklist value is equal to 'REQUEST'.

You will have to create 2 workflow actions named as field update:
1. Update field A - set the value in formula textbox as API name of C
2. Update field B - set the value in formula textbox as API name of D


Try using Process builder and execute apex logic.