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Previous load of class failed: MetaDataSearch after Sandbox Refresh

Hey all,

I refreshed my Sandbox (Configuration only) today and when running tests, I see a lot of unexpected failures.  Most of them have this message:

caused by: line -1, column -1: Previous load of class failed: MetaDataSearch.SearchResultsController: line 1, column 21: Entity is not org-accessible: []

Anyone seen this before?

Please post the line that is causing this trouble as well. Apparently your code is trying to access some object or field that is not accessible, could be because of the name not having __c etc. having the line that is causing trouble could help. And make sure that the entity name exists 
Hey Hargobind, thanks for the reply.  It is not one line of code that is having trouble.  It is a large number of classes belonging to our custom code in addition to 3rd party managed packages.  All these tests passed before our most recent sandbox refresh.

A coworker of mine has discovered that when we run the same tests that are failing via Mavensmate, we get them to pass.

Run via Setup->Apex Test Execution: Fail
Run via Developer Console: Fail
Run via Mavensmate Test Runner: Pass

Definitely seems to be something deeper broken than what we can see.
Brad StewartBrad Stewart
I just ran into this as well. Did you ever figure anything out?