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karthik Jonnalagaddakarthik Jonnalagadda 

I need Dump production data to Sandbox


How to dump production data to sandBox
If you don't have a full copy or partial copy sandbox, you need to carry out a data migration by exporting from production and importing into the sandbox.  The tricky bit here is always maintaining relationships between records - external ids are the way to go here.  There's an example of this at: http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/12710/parent-id-apex-data-loader
Sundar Kanna 7Sundar Kanna 7
I have the SFDC latest and verified dumps for Salesforce Administrator (ADM 201), Advanced Administrator (ADM 211), Platform Developer 1 (CRT 450), Platform App Builder (403), SalesCloud Consultant (CRT-251) and ServiceCloud Consultant (CRT-261) SU'22. Many of them cleared their first shot. 200% assured & accuracy. If anyone interested, mail me at - sundar.kanna119@gmail.com