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How to update data category of existing articles

Hi, unfortunately in the orginial import of articles to salesforce the data categories wasn't included in the import. 
Is there a way to programatically only update data categories with the imported articles? 
I know it can be done manually but it would take a while. 
The relationship that ties the article tables with the datacategory tables that I see is Knowledge Article Version ID field.
FYI, For all new articles the process will be for users to always select a data category for the new created article.
P.S. I am fimilar with the dataloader.io.  Any assistance would be much aprreciated.
Akhil ReddyAkhil Reddy
FYI... reposted from https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000h0siAAA

1) EXPORT all your articles to extract all the necessary IDs and info to proceed.  You will want to EXPORT against the object DATA CATEGORY SELECTION--YOUR ARTICLE TYPE.  Save this file.  We will need the information on it for 2 subsequent dataloads.

2) DELETE the existing data category selections.  The ID you will want to use to do this is the ENTITY ID.  Running the DELETE Dataload against the DATA CATEGORY SELECTION--YOUR ARTICLE TYPE effectively wipes out the existing data category value and makes it 100000% easier to load in a new value.  

3) Validate that the data categories on the articles you ran the DELETE on are indeed blank

4) INSERT the new data categories for your articles.  Run the INSERT dataload command against the same object you've been using -- DATA CATEGORY SELECTION -- YOUR ARTICLE TYPE.  The IDS to use here are Parent Knowledge Article Version ID ( it will start with ka (notice the lower case).  You will also need to include the Data Category Name (this is the new data category name, remember to use the API name) and you will also need to include the Data Category Group Name ( the overarching group that all these data category names belong to.)

5) Validate all your aritcles are tagged with the new data categories you wanted.