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Send calendar invites and process responses

Hi There,

I have a requirement to schedule meetings within Apex by sending email invitations. I then want to be able to process the responses to meeting requests within my appication so that I can record who is attending etc. I am a complete newbie when it comes to caledars and have no clue where to start. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance
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I used iCalendar in the end, which worked a treat

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Prabhat Kumar12Prabhat Kumar12
Request a Meeting

Before you use Cloud Scheduler, consider these tips:You must have at least read access to the contacts, leads, and person accounts that you request a meeting with.
Each invitee must have an email address specified in their record so Salesforce can send them a meeting request.
You can invite up to 50 people to a meeting. Invitees can consist of only contacts, leads, or person accounts, only other Salesforce users, or a mix of both.
We recommend you install Salesforce for Outlook so you can sync your calendar events between Salesforce and Microsoft® Outlook®.

When proposing meeting times, it's helpful to have your Salesforce calendar up-to-date so you can see your free and busy times.To request a meeting:Go to either the Calendar section on the Home tab or the Open Activities related list on the detail page of the contact, lead, or person account you want to invite to a meeting.
Click New Meeting Request.

If this button doesn't display in the Calendar on the Home tab or on the Open Activities related list, ask your Salesforce administrator to add it.

Click To to invite other Salesforce users, leads, contacts, or person accounts to the meeting.

Select the type of invitee from the drop-down list. person accounts are returned in contact searches and can be added as invitees.
Enter a name or part of a name in the text field, or leave the field blank to expand the search.
Click Go!.
In the Search Results area, select the boxes next to the people you want to invite and click Insert Selected. To add more invitees, perform a new search and select more people as needed. If there's a warning icon ( [Warning Icon] ) next to a person's name, you can't invite them to the meeting because they don't have an email address specified in their record. Once you add an email address to their record, you can invite them to meetings.
Click Done.

To remove someone you just invited, click “x” next to the person’s name in the To field. You can remove all invitees unless you requested the meeting from an Open Activities related list. In that case, the first contact, lead, or person account in the To field can’t be removed.

Enter a subject and location.

If you requested the meeting from an Open Activities related list, the default subject is a combination of the account name for the lead or contact and the company name specified in your personal information. For example, if you’re meeting with a contact from the Sterling company and you work for ACME, the default subject is Sterling and ACME. The default location is always To be determined.

Select one of these tabs:

I propose meeting times—Propose up to five meeting times by picking times in the calendar.
Let Salesforce propose meeting times—Choose the duration and time frame of the meeting and let Salesforce propose up to five meeting times for you.

Click Next.
Write a message to the invitees, and click Send.
Note the following:

Your email signature is automatically added to your message.
After you click Send, Salesforce emails a meeting request to the invitees.
Your meeting’s Web page displays all messages between you and the invitees. This includes messages that invitees write when responding to your request.
If you requested the meeting from an Open Activities related list, the meeting appears on the detail page for that contact or lead only. It doesn’t appear on the Open Activities related list for any other invitee. For example, if you requested a meeting with Jane Smith from her contact detail page and then clicked the To field to invite John Doe, the requested meeting only appears on the Open Activities related list for Jane Smith and not John Doe. If you requested the meeting from the Calendar section on the Home tab, the meeting doesn't appear on the Open Activities related list for either Jane Smith or John Doe.

After you send your meeting request, wait for the invitees to reply with the times they can meet. Then confirm the meeting by selecting a final meeting time.

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Thank you so much for this detailed decription. 

However, I do not want to use the SF scheduler, my application has nothing to do with the SF CRM. The requirement is to create my own invites and capture responses, probably using iCalandar and Inbound Email Services
I used iCalendar in the end, which worked a treat
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Hi Rustboy, Can you please share your code. I am stuck at collecting response from the user.

Thanks in advance !
@rustyboy can you provide some tips on how you created your invites and capture responses.
Manoj ParidaManoj Parida
Hi all,

I have similar requirement and simple. I want to send a calender invite from a specific email address to users in outlook from Salesforce. Once users receive invitation they should be able to accept/decline. I dont want the invite to be sent as an ics attachment rather it should be a plain invite. Can someone help me please? Any reference/code sample?