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Jennifer MendoncaJennifer Mendonca 

Trailhead challenge creating custom objects and fields

I just completed the challenge in my developer edition with the same login, but when I check the challenge to earn the 500 points I get a message saying I have not completed the challenge, but when I go under the developer edition it shows the custom object and fields created
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Jennifer - the error message should give you some clues as to what might be missing. One thing I would double-check is the spelling of all the custom objects and fields that you've created. Make sure they match exactly what is specified in the challenge requirements. Best of luck!
Arvind ChaudharyArvind Chaudhary
Same problem here.
Error message say "All the expected custom fields for the Trail__c object could not be found."
fields checked. looks okay. Should I wait for these points.
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
I just tried this challenge in my DE Org and was able to pass it. Would either of you mind posting a screenshot of the Trail custom object that you've created in your DE Org? Thanks
Arvind ChaudharyArvind Chaudhary
Deleted object and created a new one. Challenge passed.
I think creating a new object will be helpful rather than editing that same obj again and again.
Yogesh NakhateYogesh Nakhate
Please follow the exact naming conventions they have asked for, as they check for those exact field names while assessing the assignment challenge.
Amy S. OplingerAmy S. Oplinger
I had the same issue. I deleted the object, created it again, and VOILA! 
Baileys RuddBaileys Rudd

I'm having the same problem. Any suggestions?

User-added imageUser-added image
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Hi - from the screenshot, it looks like you're missing the 'Decription' field that is required as per the challenge description. Thanks
Astrid FriedlinAstrid Friedlin
I also have the problem of having done the challenge but no points showing up. I could not find the error. Can anyone see something wrong? I had to work with the German UI since I did not find out how I could change that quickly. I was logged in to my DE.
Screenshot of Trailhead challenge: Create custom object with 'Trail' as the Label & Object name
Jennifer Alden SanchezJennifer Alden Sanchez
I also ran into the same issue and I deleted the object and recreated it and the challenge is complete.
Anthony ParfittAnthony Parfitt
I had the same problem and had to delete and re-enter the object to pass. Now while I triple checked I had all the fields correctly spelled, one thing I did not do the second time was put in a description and help text. So perhaps this might be the problem... entering too much.
Tavva Sai KrishnaTavva Sai Krishna
I have created the custom object using schema builder and i got ran in to the same issue. I deleted the object and re-created using the standard flow then i passed successfully. 
Wissam Abdel azizWissam Abdel aziz
I run into the same issues. I had to delete the object/custom field and created again. This was possible because the challenge is small, but for long challegenes this can be quite frustrating. Trailheads guys please looked into improving this area. Thanks :)
Nicholas AgostoNicholas Agosto
I've had the same issue and I deleted and have now redone this hands-on challenge for the FIFTH time! Can someone offer some guidance on how to get around this? I had my mentor look it over and she couldn't see a mistake either, which made her suggest I come here for help.
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