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Sandhya SreevariSandhya Sreevari 

Salesforce to Salesforce connection on accounts with record types

We are trying to establish Salesforce to Salesforce connection between Org A and Org B.
Org A has many record types for account. Org B does not have any account record types.
Only Account with record type XYZ from Org A should be created/updated in Org B. Similarly only account with record type XYZ should be created from Org B to Org A. New record type XYZ is created on account in Org B.

We are able to create/update account from Org A to Org B. The issue is account is not created from Org B to Org A.

Please let us know how to map record types from Org A to Org B.
Bhushan Mahajan 5Bhushan Mahajan 5

Sandhya Sreevari
you are use this way to integrate salesforce to salesforce integration. please follow this link.