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Raghavan KumarRaghavan Kumar 

Hide 'Event' & 'Task' options from create new drop down of home page layout

I need help to hide the 'Event' & 'Task' options from create new drop down of home page layout. I believe we can achive this with HTML area and java script ( not very sure on that ). Salesforce has stopped support to HTML Area from Summer 15. 

User-added image

Any help on this will be really appreciated.

Raghavan K.

Unfortunately this can't be removed by configuration. This link might be helpful for you.



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kumar tanwarkumar tanwar
Hello  Raghavan ,
we are not removed  'Event' & 'Task' options from create new drop down of home page layout.  we are only hide create new drop down. Optionaly you  create new custom Home Page Components and showing Options according to you.
Raghavan KumarRaghavan Kumar
Hi Kumar,

Hiding should be fine with me. Could you please let me know the procedure to hide those options from the drop dowm.

Raghavan K
kumar tanwarkumar tanwar
Hi Raghvan,
Go Setup - Click on Home Page Layouts and after you edit then you show many option there you unselect the Create New.