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Kunal Sharma 11Kunal Sharma 11 

Dataloader Field Update Successful but Field Value Is Absent

Hi There,

This is a weird one. I am doing a field update (TEXT field) via Dataloader, the data loader success file states that the field value have been updated successfully. When I go into the record (Cases object), I noticed that the value does not appear. As a test I updated (via data loader) other fields on the Case object and they seem to update/appear successfully.

The thing to note is that when you manually type in a field value into this field and hit save, the value gets removed. Seems like there is a background process going on which is removing any value from the field? Any idea what is the best way to find out what trigger or background process could be touching this field?

Here are my details and items I have checked:
- No validation rules are associated
- No workflow is associated
- I am a system administrator with full access.
- I have run debug logs and could only find an 'aggregration' line item associated to the field name. A bunch is code so I am unsure of what exactly could be going on.

Any help, tools or direction would be much appreciated.
Mohit Bansal6Mohit Bansal6

Go to Setup and open the field page, click on field dependency button. 

It will brief you where exactly this field is being referred and then you can check the logic of those component to find issue.

Hope this helps you.

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Mohit Bansal
since both your manually created record and dataload created records are affected it must be the logic in the trigger.if you want to make sure it is the trigger.
  • go to your object from setup.
  • go to triggers section .
  • then deactivate all the triggers (click on the trigger and click deactivate button on trigger detail page )
  •  try your dataload  again
and check whether your field value is update if so then your tigger is responsible 
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Hi Kunal Sharma 11,

Option 1:- Please check all workflow and trigger for same object.
Option 2:- If you have eclipse then please take the full backup of your project including workflow. Then please search same field in eclipse.
Then you can found where you are setting field values as blank,

Please let us know if this will help you