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select records must display in another page

i need to create a vf page where there are list of 100 records with inputcheck box and i need to select few records i mean checkbox then if i click on button those records i have sleected must display in another page. can u please solve this issue.
sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
HI Madhu,

You can simply collect all those records in another warpper list and then you can show that list onclick of button...Let me know if you are facing issue in framing logic for the same..

Or you can share your existing code so we can help you out.

I would suggest you to do 2 things below:
1. When you click on that button; iterate over your list and check if isSelected = TRUE. If yes, put it in a Set<Id> or Set<YourObject>
2. Share controller between 2 pages so that view state is maintained.

If you are during hard re-direct then you need either
1. Pass comma separated list of Ids over URL as parameters to next page and then fetch and use it
2. You can write those selected Ids in cookies also but this is bit risky as some users sometime have cookies disabled.

Hope this helps.