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Form Builder Integration


I am currently working with a json string of html elements in php. I have a custom form builder and wanted to integrate it with Salesforce.
i want to achieve soemthing simialr to JotForm this http://www.jotform.com/answers/93864-Feature-Request-Mapping-form-fields-to-the-Salesforce-cusom-fields#17

The idea is that salesforce components could be leveraged e.g. Form Validations such that it renders in Native UI app on the sales force one mobile app and on tablet as well.

My thought is to dynamically translate the json string into SalesForce components using Apex classes.

But i am not sure how to achieve this and what are licensing considerations. I do not want to be dependent on other custom html elements.

With this approach i was told that we need to create custom object for each form and map the fields as salesforce cannot apply validations or special features (auto suggest, date picker) if the forms are not created as salesforce objects.

My question is can we make salesforce generate dynamic coponents and use them even if they are not custom objects.
So from the json html string we dynamcially create a from with fields and validation (even auto suggests/date pickers).

Any suggestions or ideas on this would really be appreciated.


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i dont know if its rellevant for you. but i can help you with this task.
i've built a very sophisticated tool which is fully integrated with salesforce
check it out: form builder with salesforce integration (https://support.formtitan.com/features/Form_optimization_features/push_integrations/Salesforce_Push_Integration)
i (https://support.formtitan.com/features/Form_optimization_features/push_integrations/Salesforce_Push_Integration)ll give u all the details you want to hear, what todo/not todo..and how to manage it.
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If you are ok then you must try this solution which will help you to integrate salesforce for free and you can try it