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Swamy P R NSwamy P R N 

How to give child records access to some of the users when it is on Master-Detail relationship

Hello folks,

When Master is set to private the associated child also defaultly set to Private.
Now i have one parent record and 3 associated child records are there.
So whoever are the owners for those child records, they have to see all 3 records among themselves. So how can i achieve this situation, hope that we can achieve it by apexsharing but how it can be??

Actually, when we set as Private people cannot see others records..they can see only their records(i.e, whoever created they can see thier records). But how to achieve above scenario??

Please update me with your valuable solution :)
Hanimi ReddyHanimi Reddy
Hi Swamy.

You can create one public group.In that group add the users.
After that go to sharing Settings. Then create one sharing rule on child object.
Select Based on Criteria option. Give option if owner id not equal to null(Because you need to give access to some group of users,so owner is always not an null.) There you can give the access.

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