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Bhushan Mahajan 5Bhushan Mahajan 5 

How to deployment of application on app exchange in sales force?.

I want to deploy application on app exchange to developer edition.
please tell me the process of application deployment on app exchange.
Yogesh NakhateYogesh Nakhate
Hi Bhushan,
Its very simple process to do this.
Please follow the link below - 
follow these steps to install applicatoin from app exchange to your developer org:
1. Go to appexcnage.com
2. select on app
3. click on app icon
4. click on " Get it Now
5. click on "log in to the app exchage"
    After that follow the normal installation steps, choose the permission to use this app 

6. If installation is taking longer time then salesforce will ask your to continue with other works and after complete installation it will 
   send you an email to your registered mail. 

Hope it will help you.