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Cara KCara K 

Custom Field Sync in a Web-to-Lead Form

Hello all, 

How do  I sync a custom field to a custom web-to-lead form?  

The original Web-to-Lead code was generated via Salesforce.  My web developer had apply the code, along with customizing the look of the form.  There are presently 2 custom fields included on the form, only one is working.  I have tested with both API name (Reservation_Start_Date_Time__c) and Custom Field ID name (00NE0000000cAFG), however neither seems to be syncing.  

Presently I have the following code in place; in my debug mode test it indicates that the field does show the date.  

<input type="text" id="pickup_date" name="00NE0000000cAFG" placeholder="Pick up date" class="form-control" required="" value="">

I also placed a custom widget to display a calendar for date selection.  I don't know if this is interfering with the sync.  If so, does anyone know a work around?  

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Bhushan Mahajan 5Bhushan Mahajan 5

Cara Kwak

Therefore , you can add custom field in lead standard object.