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Sam AlexanderSam Alexander 

Sample dataset and Sample dashboard that uses SAQL


I am trying to use SAQL for my dashboar. But when I specify filter or group in SAQL, the dataset fails to load the bar charts.
Below is my step I am using

        "steps": {
            "device_type_time_Day_event_1": {
                "isFacet": true,
                "start": null,
                "query": {"pigql":"q = load \"sample_data_5_26\"; q = group q by 'device_type'; q = foreach q generate 'device_type' as 'device_type', 'event' as 'event', count() as 'count'",
                    "measures": [
                    "groups": ["device_type"
                "extra": {
                    "chartType": "vbar"
                "selectMode": "single",
                "useGlobal": true,
                "em": "ad_data_5_26",
                "type": "aggregate",
                "isGlobal": false

I am finding it hard to figure whats wrong with the SAQL.

1. Where can I find the salesforce wave dashboard logs?
2. In the SAQL dev document dashborad JSON reference document, it seems an 'airline' dataset being used. Can I get the sample and the corresponding dashboard for my reference?
Hi Sam,

You can try to have the Basic JSon without queries and you can add fileters and gropu by in the dataset and save that.
Toy can also view the dasboard/dataset details in the below mentioned url /analytics/wave/web/lens.apexp.
Hope this helps.