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Abraham kumar 4Abraham kumar 4 

Data from Salesforce to Cvent

Hi All,

I want to send just one  field value to a application called 'cvent'  once this particular field gets updated in salesforce. So The Criteria is like  once i update this picklist field to a different value in salesforce it should update it in Cvent also so that both applications are in sync. Please can help me as to what is the best possible way to achieve this. I am kind of new to Integration. 

Any help highly Appreciated. Please can you help me out. Thanks!!
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
You need to find a way you can access Cvent from within Salesforce such that you can send that field update to Salesforce - For e.g. salesforce has its WSDL which other applications can use to create methods which can access Salesforce data from 3rd party - you should check to find if something similar exists for Cvent.
Abraham kumar 4Abraham kumar 4
Thank you so much for your help sonam,

Right now the cvent to salesforce update can be established by doing a default configuration settings in Cvent so an update in cvent will update salesforce campaign member.

Now my problem is to push data from salesforce to cvent. Now the requirement is just that when any campaign member status is changed in salesforce the status should also get changed for the contact in cvent also, so i was thinking if this can be done through an outbound message with workflow criteria as IS CHANGED(status),

Please let me know if this can be achieved with outbound message. If this can be achieved with outbound Please let me know what has to be done in salesforce side, Like create workflow->outbound ->Generate xml is there anything else that has to be done from my side once the soap xml is  generated shall i just give that to cvent and tell them to consume it . is that all??.

Please let me know your thoughts. Many Thanks For your great Help