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What is edition in sales force?. why use payable editions.but i have available developer editions freely available in salesforce?.

What is edition in sales force?.
 I have 5 types of editions are available in salesforce  such as  group, Proffisional enterprise ,unlimited,and developer editions.
 but developer editions is freely available then why we use another editions.some users are used enterprise editions($125/user/month)
what is the difference between developer editions and another edtions.but developer editions is fullfill all requirement and freely available,
why users used payable edtions. 
Developer editions are full featured, but limited in terms of the number of user licenses and available data storage.  

They are also clearly precluded from being used to run your business, from the developer edition MSA: 

--- snip ---

You may not, without our prior written consent, access or use the Developer Services:

• for production purposes

--- snip ---
A Developer Edition organisation is only for development and demonstratiomn use. It has restricted resources (for data volumes etc.) by when you agree to the license agreement/end user agreement on sign up you also agree not to use it as your production environment. Use of a Developer Edition as a Production instance is not allowed and will open you up to legal challenges and ramificatios should you do so. 

You should only use Developer Edition for app development and demonstrations, not for running your production instance.