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Who is sales force consultant?.

I want to become salesforce consultant.what is the workimg of salesforce consultant.
which types of services are provide salesforce consultant.
Hi Bhushan,

Salesforce Consultants are in huge demand at the moment and for good reason. It is rare that you will come across a Salesforce Implementation that has not had some sort of interaction with a Salesforce Consultant. And with the Salesforce customer base ever expanding this number is only going to increase. In a Salesforce Consultant role you can expect to be interacting with clients on a daily basis, assessing needs, business requirements and converting these into a Salesforce solution. Consultants are also expected to have a deep understanding around Salesforce Configuration and features.

Hope it answers your query!

A Salesforce consultant can be fulfilling many roles:
* administrator (create/manage users, reports, dashboards, import/export data)
* business analyst (analyze business's problems and help articulate solutions to them)
* developer (implement business solutions)
* architect (analyze business/technical needs and engineer system to maximize efficiency)

Ultimately, all Salesforce consultants are looking to make their customers more efficient.  Here is a good website of a Salesforce consultancy firm based in New York. http://ramseysolutions.com/