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Giddamreddi ReddyGiddamreddi Reddy 

overriding vf pages.

 in overriding vf pages with new button or edit button the vf page override option show only none option how to get more option on these..
Thiyagarajan Selvaraj (SFDC Developer)Thiyagarajan Selvaraj (SFDC Developer)
Hi Giddamreddi,

Have you associated the standardController with your Visualforce page?
Refer : https://www.salesforce.com/docs/developer/pages/Content/pages_controller_std_associate.htm
Hi Giddamreddi ,

On emajor thing you need to check that the page you want to over ride it should have Standradcontroller =that particular object .
If you wnat to override the page with the button in Account then it should be the StanradController="Account" ,Then you will find that page .