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Frank VerrillFrank Verrill 

What skills and dev tools do I need to develop mobile apps?

I'm competent with the declarative model and learning Apex and Visualforce which are pretty straight forward but now that I'm working on the Intermediate dev trail it looks like I need to also learn Javascript and related libraries, html-5, css etc.

I'm competent with the developer console and can navigate the Eclipse IDE but have more work to do with Eclipse to become competent.

I'll have completed all Trailhead modules next week and am starting on some advaned books and workbooks to get more under my belt.

I developed an Appexchange app a few years ago and plan to refactor it with the latest declarative tools along with what I'm learning in coding.

I did not code the app but was the developer.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

What do you recommend?
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
Hi Frank!

You are 100% right - Lightning Components and Apps, or even regular Visualforce leveraging Javascript/HTML5/CSS and responsive designs are the areas you want to be focusing on for mobile development.

Good luck!