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A Dev in NZA Dev in NZ 

What happened to the Apex and Visualforce HTML User Guide links?

These links have dissapeared overnight....
I cannot find any new links, only PDF downloads.



Does anyone else use the HTML Guides?
Or do you use the PDF Downloadable Guides?
If you use the PDF guides, why do you prefer them?
I have preferred the HTML due to the search returning more relevant results. But maybe I could use the PDF search better?

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A Dev in NZA Dev in NZ

I even clicked on a link still open in my browser. "Open topic for navigation", and tried to go back 500 error.

So maybe this is down for mantainence.

I would still be interested in peoples opinions on HTML Versus PDF Guides?

The HTML version is the one displayed when you click through to the topic area. For instance, https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apex_workbook.meta/apex_workbook/ is the HTML version of the Apex Workbook - and you click through the contents on the left side of the page to see the sections.
Tom Maple2Tom Maple2
I noticed the same thing this morning. I'm very disappointed with the PDF version of the guide. It does not seem to have the same content as the HTML version available last week. Nor does it provide the same kind of concise Search results we used to get.  Very disappointing Salesforce has taken a step backward.
A Dev in NZA Dev in NZ

@thisisnotapril: Are you saying this is the new HTML version?

If it is, it is not as searchable like the old version, we do not get a list of possible content in relevance order in the side panel, like the old version. If this is the new HTML version it will be very slow to use.

Search result should be filterable by Document and by relevance or the like.

PDF gives a list of Content in the side panel, but again not in relevance order.

I hope this can be escalated within Salesforce.

Yes, that is the new layout of the HTML docs. You are encouraged to share your feedback with the Salesforce Documents team - you can reach them via twitter at @salesforcedocs. I will also share the feedback with them.
Hi QwikAg and Tom,

Thanks for your feedback. My team is behind the redesigned developer doc experience and we're hearing loud and clear that there are some tweaks that we still need to make to the TOC, search, and layout to make it a great site.

The 505 errors were a bug and shouldn't be happening anymore -- let me know if you're still seeing them today. Also this morning we just introduced the ability to scope your searches to just a single book -- check it out in the left side bar of any topic.

This blog post (https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/tech-pubs/2015/06/the-new-developer-docs-portal-experience.html) has more details about what we've done and what we're planning to address your feedback. Please let me know if you have other ideas about how to improve the site, or if there are doc sites you really like that we should try to emulate.

Caroline Roth
Senior Director, Platform Documentation and User Assistance 
Adelchi PelizzoAdelchi Pelizzo
Better before, why change it? I had my nice expanded list of related topic, I don't like filters, I like to look at titles and browse. Please put it back as it was.