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Gattam Rakesh (SFDC)Gattam Rakesh (SFDC) 

Date Function in Formulaes

Hai all I have two Fields Start date and End Date if Start Date and End date lies Between Total status Should be updated to Active
How to Do it?
Thanks In Advance
Srini NandhiSrini Nandhi
Hi rakesh,

what i understand from ur question is. if you enter a date, if it is between startdate and enddate, then status should be update with active right?

Workflow Rule like your Date__c is :   And(StartDate__c < Enter_Date__c, Enter_Date__c<EndDate__c)
Field update:                          Status to Active.

I think information you provided is not enough to give a accurate answere , could clarify below points
1. stardate and end date lies between what ?
2 type of your status field eg picklist, chekbox, boolean
3 updated when ? at insert , update daily etc
Gattam Rakesh (SFDC)Gattam Rakesh (SFDC)
if start and end Date lies between Today its picklist get updated to Active My picklist values are Active,inactive Renewal ,Lapsed.
Mohit Bansal6Mohit Bansal6
Hi Gattam

Create a workflow rule: 

Select the rule if the following: 
criteria are met : formula evaluates to true

Use this formula as:  
AND(Start_Date__c >  TODAY(), End_Date__c <  TODAY())

Once this rule is created, then create a field workflow field update and update your picklist value.

Mohit Bansal

In case, you face any issue, drop me message on forum or Skype me @mohit_bansal17, if you need any help.

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