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Deepu BDeepu B 

Play audio while click on button

Hi folks, 
Below is my requirement.

i want to develop a VF page with some buttons, when i click those buttons, each should play each separate audio which i assing to button independently.

How can i approach ? what tricks it can use.

Deepu BDeepu B
Hi Jenish,
i already tried that in different ways even also tried with javascript but not working properly.
independently the <audio> tag of HTML is working but i don't want palyer display on page.

what i want is, i will create a multiple buttons on VF page, when i click that button should play an audio but don't render to another page it shoudl be in same page, after completing that audio i will click another button then it will play that related audio. 

For this do you have any resource.?
Mary Stevens 5Mary Stevens 5
Deepu - did you ever get a resolution to your inquiry?
Deepu BDeepu B
Hi Stevens,

I have not get resolution for this. Actually the requirement was droped off from my hand. Do you know the solution? If yes, please help me out.