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Can two approval processes fire off when a record is submitted for approval?

Currently we have Opportunity Approval Process - when a opportunity record is submitted for approval- the approval goes to several approvers depending on the criteria listed in each step. If one BU “approves” one part of the deal and the other BU “rejects” other part, the entire deal would be "rejected”. Either the deal would have to be modified and “approved” by both Business Units, or the deal would be considered ‘dead’.

Each Business Unit is responsible for a different line of business(s). An opportunity can have mulitple lines of business. With the way the Approval Process is set up, we run the risk with the apporval request never getting to one of the Business Units. 

We want to split the approval process into two separate Approval Process. When the opportunity is submitted for approval. Two Approval Process are fired off at the same time. Is this possible?
Himanshu ParasharHimanshu Parashar
Hi Beth,

Approval process runs in an order which you define while creating approval process and once record match criteria 1 it exit from there only instead of going in criteria 2.

You should check criteria and exclude the condition so that your record go in second approval process.


Hi Gonzalez,
Unfortunately, you cannot execute multiple approval processes at the same time for the same record. If it is different users who are approving two different deals then you can create multiple processes to be executed in an order.

Hope that helped!


You can create two Approval processes for same object , but make sure entry  criteria of two processes are mutually exclusive (two entry criterias do not overlap ) . when yous submit record for approval salesforce will pick the Approval process it should be submitted to by matching entry criteria against submitted record values