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Looking for Case users to pilot a new AppExchange app

Hello -

We have a new AppExchange tool that helps companies that use Case Queues manage them more effectively.  The tool will be released in the coming weeks and is currently fully functional and tested.  It has also already passed the Salesforce security review.  We are looking for one or two Salesforce orgs to help pilot the tool. 

The tool has a number of features, including:
- Allowing support workers that monitor case queues for incoming cases to quickly see when new cases come in
- Take or assign ownership of one or many cases with minimal mouse clicks
- Graphical representation of your org's queues showing how queues compare across the current day and across previous days

The tool installs via a Salesforce package very quickly and there is no development work needed and very minimal configuration to get the tool working in a Salesforce org.

If you think your company may be interested in piloting this tool, please contact me at scott@3creekstech.com for additional information.  Thank you!