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Art SmorodinArt Smorodin 

JavaScript on Home page no longer supported in Summer 15

Hi All, 

Looking to see if someone had similar issue and how did you solve it. 
Our current process: When you create a new Task and select one of particular “Sales Activity Type”  the “Comments” field on the task will be updated right away using  JS with a template. Those templates are stored as a static resource “WinTemplates”. On the home page we have an HTML areal component which makes the JS call and does the injection of the text if conditions are met. But in Summer 15 release this component will no longer be supported.

From what I was able to find online, it is recommended to use VF pages, but there is not way I can make it all happen in the next few days (out SF instance gets updated this weekend, June 13th). We have something near 14 different Task record types and page layouts for different Profiles. So, I guess it wiuld involve a lot of programing to meet our criteria.

Have anyone seen an easier workaround this issue? Something I can implement in a day or two? 

I have found this solution, but could not make it work (http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/38918/end-of-javascript-sidebar-workarounds).

Any input will be appreciated. 
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
Unfortunately not - the Summer 15 change is absolute and cannot be bypassed in the manner you were using before.  Any new way you find to hack script in is inevitably going to be removed in a subsequent release, so I wouldn't even waste your time on it.

Looks like you may have a few long days ahead of you.  =(