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Swamy P R NSwamy P R N 

How to send scheduled dashboard to a user by email

Hello Team,

Iam able to see schedule refresh option for the dashboard but am not able to see "users" in the drop-down for sending email to particular user. Even iam not able to see this option for Admin Users. So am i need to give any permission to profile?? Please suggest me

Thanks in advance!!
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Sagar PareekSagar Pareek

Do the users have “Schedule Dashboards” AND “View Encrypted Data” permissions on their profile?
Swamy P R NSwamy P R N
I can see Public Groups, Roles in the drop-down but am not able to see Users in the drop-down. For this what permission i have to give for a profile??
Swamy P R NSwamy P R N
Hi Sagar,

They have the permission for “Schedule Dashboards” AND “View Encrypted Data”. Even am not able to see that option as iam haing System Adminstrator profile.

Any advice please !!
Troy SearcyTroy Searcy
Check the sharing settings for the folder that contains the dashboard. Go to "Reports" and find the folder on the left hand side that contains the dashboard in question. Click the pin icon and click "Share." Make sure the folder is shared with the users you would like to receive the dashboard.