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sailaja majji 5sailaja majji 5 

MD relationshps

Hi All ,

I need suggestion on one of my requirement .
User should be able to associate multiple accounts(known as sposnors) to opportunites and 
And OOB anyways multiple opportunites can be associated to Accounts and to show all of the associated records both in accounts and opportunites

Below is the approach i followed

creating junction object with 2 MD relationships one with account and one with opportunity and provide the junction object layout to associate opportunity to accounts. This is serving my purpose but i just saw in some blogs suggesting to create one more look up relationship with Account in addition to MD's in the junction object so that the fields in both account and opportunity can be selected for the related lists   .I am not able to understand what purpose does the additional look up serves .

Can somebody please help me understand .

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
I would agree with your junction object approach between Accounts and Opportunities as "Sponsors".  The junction object would have two lookups (or Master Detail) - one to Account, one to Opportunity.  The second relationship to Account doesn't make sense to me either.
sailaja majji 5sailaja majji 5

Thanks Andy .
You made me stay in my path . In this context i would like to more about Partner accounts .
Some of the suggestions are to use OOB partner account fucntionality to achieve this requirement 

Can you help me understand  where it works .I am assuming partner Accounts are used when business is involved with partners (so called partner portal ) .But for this requirement can we leverage partner fucntionality .