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Choosing the profile picture in the developer community salesforce, the picture that we upload is uploading blurred.

Choosing the profile picture in the developer community salesforce, the picture that we upload is uploading blurred.

I have tried uploading 2mb to 8mb, but still blurred.
Lars NielsenLars Nielsen
I've got the same issue! Check out mine. :) Maybe we need to blur it before we upload and then it will un-blur? Kidding. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I've tried 4-5 different image sizes and all turn out the same...

@Lars Nielsen hahah That was a funny answer. :P I guess trying uploading an extra sharp image will work. 

Kidding !!

Mark GidmanMark Gidman
Same issue.  Any ideas?
Mark GidmanMark Gidman
Tried with 1600x1600, 512x512 and 200x200 in both jpg & png - nothing.  Ugh :)
Susannah PSusannah P
This is silly, but I'm having the same problem! Mark, it looks like you've figured this out now. Any advice?
Mark GidmanMark Gidman
I finally ended up just using the 200x200 png.  It still looks blurry when I view my developer profile, but looks better in the forums. I think it's a bug on their side. 
Jamie Buck-TomekJamie Buck-Tomek
Still a problem months later. :-(
Jason Vance 13Jason Vance 13
Nothing makes you feel more like a noob than not being able to upload a decent profile pic!  Any more advice?!?!?
Jason Vance (SSO)Jason Vance (SSO)
Oh, apparently when I view my own profile it is crazy blurry; but if I log in as a different user and view the profile, it is crisp as can be.  I guess I just won't worry about it.
Jamie Buck-TomekJamie Buck-Tomek
Good to know!
Jason Vance 13Jason Vance 13
One more thing, Jamie, it appears that if you don't format your photo as a square before uploading, it squeezes it and distorts it.
@Jason, thank you! This was driving me crazy. Glad other people at least see my photo normally.
Bhavishya MoolyaBhavishya Moolya
Even my profile picture is blur.. I tried changing couple of times but none of them seem to be clear. 
Jason Vance 13Jason Vance 13
Glad that worked for you!  Not sure why this bug still exists, but spread the word if anyone else is concerned.
Bhavishya MoolyaBhavishya Moolya
Sure! thanks again.
Scott Sanford 10Scott Sanford 10
It's totally a bug. When you look at your profile signed out it looks sharp. 
Jason StengrenJason Stengren
Still an issue as of May 3rd, 2016
Bhaskar PramanikBhaskar Pramanik
Thanks Jason Vance, I think I can live with the bug as long as people don't see me blurred :D
rizwan ahmed 16rizwan ahmed 16
lol silly que
but  your pic will be clear to other user's except you.