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Chris HarrellChris Harrell 

Using an external text file of product values to create quote line items in an opportunity ?

I have a customer requirement for mys users to have the ability to upload multiple products by way of an external text file to the quote line items. 
This would be part of the user experience each time they work on an opportunity and not an admin feature or use the data loader. I cannot think of a method of doing this. Any ideas ?
Niket SFNiket SF
Text file not supported by Dataloader. ay be you need to write middle ware parser who can parce the text file and store in CSV and then you can use dataloader to push the data.

S.Haider RazaS.Haider Raza
Ask users to upload the file(csv) as attachment to the Opportunity object and you can wirte a trigger on Attachment to read through the files and run the business logic.