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andrew taylor 3andrew taylor 3 

Can't See Lightning Component for New Tab

I'm following the documtation found at , but even with the 'implements="force:appHostable"' set in my aura:component, the Lightning Component isn't available when I try to add a new Lightning Tab.

Any insight?

SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Andrew,

Ideally your component should be available when you try to create a Lightning tab..can you share your org ID where you have created this component.Also, grant  login access :
andrew taylor 3andrew taylor 3
Hi Sonam;  I managed to figure it out, I was looking at wrong tab type.
Amitanshu MahapatraAmitanshu Mahapatra
Hi Andrew/Sonam,
   I do not see the "Lightning Component" tab related list in the Create tabs section the Developer Org. Please advise.

Amitanshu MahapatraAmitanshu Mahapatra
Never mind. I was able to find it.

Rick van Nierop 1Rick van Nierop 1
Hi Amitanshu,

Can you please share where you found it, as I dont see this related list either.
Only see 'Lightning Page Tabs', my component implements "force:appHostable" and doesn't show up to be selected when clicking the New button.

I am currently following the Lightning Components trailhead tutorials.

Thanks in advance,

Rick van Nierop 1Rick van Nierop 1
Ok let me share it myself as a few minutes later I found the solution :) For the Lightning Components Tabs to show up I had to follow the clickpath: Build | Develop | Lightning Components to 'Enable Lightning Components in Salesforce1 (BETA)' in my developer org. Thanks!
David Morris SFDCDavid Morris SFDC
Thank you for sharing your answer Rick - when I started reading this, I had a bad feeling the comments were going to keep following a "Where do I find it" -> "Oh, I've found it now" never ending cycle that didn't share where the answer was! :D
Madhumitha SMadhumitha S
Hi Rick,
I am not able to create Lightning component tab in Custom tab?
Can you attach snapshot of how to how to enable ?

Build | Develop | Lightning Components to 'Enable Lightning Components in Salesforce1 (BETA)' in my developer org. 

I followed your above steps ,but I am not getting 'Enable lightning components in salesforce' option when i naviagted to the path you have given
Same issue here... any solution?
Here was the root cause - You need to create a new Dev org and try it out - :

Seems the older orgs do not have "Lightning Component Tabs". 
moumita goswamimoumita goswami
same issue..cannot find "lightnining compenent tabs" in my org..I can only see "lightning page tabs" related to lightning
Richard ClarkenDevRichard ClarkenDev
You have to include implements="force:appHostable" in the component line in order for it to listed on the tab page.
Anjali DahiyaAnjali Dahiya
I also faced the same problem .So I created a VisualForce page  and include my Lightning component in that and selected the checkbox to make it available for Lightning app
Select the checkbox "Available for Salesforce mobile apps and Lightning Pages"

And Created vf tab for this.

Here was the root cause - You need to create a new Dev org and try it out - :

Seems the older orgs do not have "Lightning Component Tabs". 
Ashish Tondare SFDCAshish Tondare SFDC
Creating new org is not the solution. I have lot of things built in my Dev org. There should be some way where we can get this Enabled. Anyone please help.

Shekhar P V PalwankarShekhar P V Palwankar
Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if you have gotten the answer for your query, but for "Lightening Component Tabs" to become visible you need to create a 
custom Salesforce domain name for your organization. Below link (" target="_blank) would help you in creating a new custom Salesforce domain:

Note: Please create a new org to be on a safer side... :)

Once you create a custom Salesforce domain the "Lightening Component Tabs" will be visible under "Setup >> Build >> Create >> Tabs"

A glimpse of org before creation of custom Salesforce domain:

User-added image

A glimpse of org after creation of custom Salesforce domain:

User-added image

Please let me know if this resolves your issue. Thanks for reading.
Sangam R - DevOrgSangam R - DevOrg
  • In order to run Lightning Components in your org, you will be required to use the My Domain feature.
  • Follow these steps to create and activate my domain. 
           Setup, enter My Domain in the Quick Find box, then select My                   Domain and then click Deploy to Users.
  • ​Please note clicking on Deploy to Users completes the my domain activation and after this step only you start seeing the Custom Component option under your Tabs section.

Harsh GosarHarsh Gosar
Lightning Component tabs allow you to add Lightning Components to the navigation menu in Salesforce1.
You can't access the Lightning Component tab outside of Salesforce1. For example, you can't access the Lightning Component tab from the full Salesforce site.

Once you create lightning Component tab go to salesforce1 navigation menu and add your component to selected list.
go to --> Administer | Mobile Administration | Manage the mobile navigation menu | Navigation Menu Items  and then add available components to selected.
Hi Andrew,

You need create a domain and after activate you can create custom tab for lightning component.


dipak sonawane 38dipak sonawane 38
I faced a similar issue and worked after registering the domain. Only thing is I tried in existing developer org solution didn't work for me but when I registered new Developer Org and right after that registered Custom domain from My Domain, Lightning Component Tab gets visible. 

Thanks, @Shekhar P V Palwankar for solution 
Tracy FerrellTracy Ferrell
I had the same issue when trying to setup a new user. The steps I took to resolve this issue was:
Setup > User > Click on the Users name > Hoover over and click on the "Permission Set Assignment" related list > Edit Assignments > Choose "Lightening Experience" from the Available Permissions Sets field > Save

Hope this helps.
Neeraj Sethi 7Neeraj Sethi 7

In the components you wish to include in Lightning Experience, add implements="force:appHostable" in the aura:component tag and save your changes.

I Hope this will helps.


Deniz AtaşDeniz Ataş
Hi, I also faced the same problem. My org is developer edition. But i can't see Lightning Component tab in tabs and i can't see My Domain in setup. What could be the reason ?
Priyanka Pandey 9Priyanka Pandey 9
Hi Shekhar,
Thanks alot your idea is working fine
Snehal Gaikwad 9Snehal Gaikwad 9
Hi Shekhar, Thank U for sharing ur idea. It's really helpful for everyone.
Aimit Admin 10Aimit Admin 10
I refer back to the original query, which relates to the Trailhead Module Aura Components Skills & Tools. In the 3rd lesson 'Learn the Process for Developing Aura Components', some people are having problems locating the Lightning Component c:myFirstComponent. Normally, when you create a component in the Dev Console, you need to check the boxes to declare where in the app you wish to use is. In this case, we want to use it for a tab and record page. But, instead of doing it from the Dev Console, we are switching to VS Code to create a component. And to ensure the component is available as a tab and as a record we have to include this code withing the Aura component tags. i.e
include 'implements etc within the aura component tags e.g
<aura:component implements="force:appHostable,flexipage:availableForRecordHome,force:hasRecordId" access="global">
Once this is pushed to the org via the CLI  i.e 'SFDX: Deploy This Source to Org' , then the component is visible  as 'c-myFirstComponent' in the picklist as you create the Lightning Tab.
I think Trailhead forgot to include this step?
Lukesh KarmoreLukesh Karmore
Open -meta.xml file from your LWC component
Change is exposed to True: <isExposed>true</isExposed>
Add <target>lightning__Tab</target>
Open Tab from setup and under Lightning Component Tabs press New and select your LWC component.