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Sudip Mondal 13Sudip Mondal 13 

The 'Update Account Information' publisher action was not added to the account layout

Hi there,

I was trying to complete the module "Creating object-specific quick actions" for the Salesforce1 mobile basics.  
To complete the challenge I needed to do the following:

The Account Rating, Number of Employees, and Annual Revenue need to be updated from time to time. Create a publisher action on the account object to allow users to do this easily.

* Create an object-specific action called 'Update Account Information' on the account object
* Make your action update the 'Account Name', 'Rating', 'Employees', and 'Annual Revenue' fields.
* Add the action to the Account Layout page layout.
* Your Developer Edition must NOT have a namespace enabled for this challenge to be assessed.

Here's what I have done to complete the challenge.
* Created an action "Update Account Information" on the account object and action type as "Update a record".
* Edited the layout to include only Account Name', 'Rating', 'Employees', and 'Annual Revenue' fields.
* Added the action "Update Account Information" in Account layout inside the Accounts||Page Layouts.

Even after doing the steps mentioned above, I am getting the error: "The 'Update Account Information' publisher action was not added to the account layout". Can somebody throw some light on where I am going wrong in here please?

Many thanks in anticipation.
Nirmala  KuchiNirmala Kuchi
"Update Account Information" action need to be added to "publisher actions" section in account layout..

Also, consider adding the same action to "salesforce1 actions" section in account layout and try.. 
Sudip Mondal 13Sudip Mondal 13
"Update Account Information" action need to be added to "publisher actions" section in account layout..
This cannot be done as its not allowed. "Update Account Information" can only be added to "Actions in the Salesforce1 Action Bar". 
Donno, if I have done something wrong in trying out the suggested solution.               

Reg RussellReg Russell
Hi There.  
I am experiencing the same thing.

I have tried deleting the object specific action "Update Account Information" and rebuilding it adding back to the page layout Account Information.  
I tried going to Salesforce 1 Actions and dragging ot to the "Actions in the Salesforce 1 Action Bar" panel - still the same error.
I then tried adding the action from the Quick Actions thing to the "Quick Actions in the Publisher" panel, which I suspected was irrelevant since this section is about Salesforce1.  Arghh!
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
The 'Update Account Information' action has to be added to the 'Account Layout' Page Layout. Can you please confirm that that is the page layout you've added it to (the Account object has a couple of Page Layouts to chose from)? Thanks
Reg RussellReg Russell
Hmm. Yes, I have added the actions to the page layout, 'Account Layout'.  Good grief there is no page layout 'Account Information'.  
Joe PeaseJoe Pease
I was having this issue too, but fixed it by adding it to EVERY account page layout instead of just the "Account Layout" option like the tutorial said to.
In my case it's 5 layouts - Account (Marketing) Layout, Account (Sales) Layout, Account (Support) Layout, Account Layout, Account mobile layout
Adam RademacherAdam Rademacher
I was having same issue until i realized i needed to select the "Salesforce1 Actions" on the left of the accounts layout tab.
User-added image
Reg RussellReg Russell
No idea why but this is OK now.  Recently I went back into the exercise and was able to complete it. 
Ramya VelusamyRamya Velusamy

I have completed the same challenge by below Step.

Step1 :- Click on Setup-> Then click on Action and button under account
[User-added image]

Step 2:- Then click on Action  and click a action like below and you need to add all 4 field like below screen shot.

[User-added image]

[User-added image]

Make sure Name should be "Update_Account_Information"

Step 3:- Then add the same action on Account page layout . like below screen shot:-
[User-added image]

Please let us know if this will help you.

Amit Chaudhary
Craig BilligCraig Billig
Can someone please help me?  I am getting the same error as well and cannot complete the challenge.  I created the quick action for the account type called "Update Account Information" and added it to both the Salesforce Classic Publisher bar and the Salesforce1 action bar, saved it and keep getting this message:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The object-specific quick action was not created on the Account object, or it was not called 'Update Account Information'

I don't know what I am missing.
Thaísa BuzziThaísa Buzzi
Hi Guys.

I had the same problem and I am still working in this issue....

In my case I have only 4 layouts - Account (Marketing) Layout, Account (Sales) Layout, Account (Support) Layout, Account Layout.

The point is: Why I still haven't seen my "Account mobile layout"??

Does someone knows figure out it?

Many Thanks!!!!!
Thaísa BuzziThaísa Buzzi
***Just to know.... I also did a test in my mobile and the action is working very well.
Tomasz LuczakTomasz Luczak

Same problem here! Please support!
User-added image
User-added image
As you can see above, Update Account Information has been added to the Account Layout layout (and to all the others too).
Nevertheless I am getting the error:

The object-specific quick action was not created on the Account object, or it was not called 'Update Account Information'

Spent over an hour on this now... Thanks!