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Venkateswarlu BVenkateswarlu B 

I want to open a popup window (Dont open VF page) with select list values when onclick javasccript using custom button. Anybody can help me to achieve it.

Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi
Hi Venkateswarlu ,
I am not getting your actaul problem but i have tried this code whci is opening a pop up window a vf page and in other a google link
<apex:form >
function openPopup(page,param){'?param='+param,'_blank', 'toolbar=yes, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes, top=500, left=500, width=400, height=400')
<apex:CommandButton value="ClickMe" onclick="openPopup('{!$Page.AccountDetail}','pram1');"/>
<apex:selectList size="1" onclick="openPopup('{!$Page.AccountDetail}','pram1');">
<apex:selectOption ItemValue="1" />
<apex:selectOption ItemValue="2" />
<apex:selectOption ItemValue="3" />
<apex:selectOption ItemValue="4" />


2nd Pop up example :
<apex:form >
<button onclick="'','Google','height=400,width=400');">
Eswar Prasad@Sfdc11Eswar Prasad@Sfdc11
HI Venkateswerlu,
pls see below link we can get idea how to call javascript popup.

If you get the answer, please mark it as the correct answer. It will be a help to others who are facing the same problem later.

Eswar Prasad.
Venkateswarlu BVenkateswarlu B
Thanks AJAY and ESWAR BUT my qun is different....
I want to open a popup window (Window is not a vf page) with select list values to give input by using custom button onclick javascript.
I have to write code bellow shown. I dont want any VF page.
User-added image