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Options to Create a New Customer Support Mobile app?

Hi Guys,

I am planning to create a Customer Support Mobile App where customers can create, access, edit Cases and explore the Knowledge Base. I have a very tight dead line of two weeks to build the first draft for this App and that’s why I want to use out of the box configuration to build this mobile app. I am considering the following two options
  1. Use the Lighting App with Standard Components. Here are my questions
    • Can I create a completely separate mobile APP to access the Lighting App or this can only be access within SF1 Mobile app?
    • If Lightning Apps can only be access within SF1 app. Then how we can brand SF1 app?
    • Which Salesforce licenses (Profile) I can use to access Lighting App with or without SF1 app?
    • Can Self – Service Portal access the SF1 app?
  2. Create Community using standard Community customer support template and then create a mobile app using the template files. Here are the questions
    • How to create an app from Community template pages?
    • Don’t know much about the HTML pages created by the default templates. But I hope we can customize them and brand them according to our need?
    • What are the difference using Community License or Self – Service Portal License?

If you guys think about any other options to build Support App within two weeks feel free to provide your suggestions. Please provide links or any type of study material which can help me to answer my questions. Appreciate you help on this.  

After some more research I come to know that you can't access lightning app outside of SF1. So the only option I have is to create a community using Comm template and then try to access it using SF1 or by wrapping it in a custom app.
When I tried to access the Community Login within SF1 it is not coming up as desire. So last option is to create a new mobile app and Wrap the exiting Comm template pages in that app. I know PhoneGap allow you to do so. Any other thoughts we can do this?