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Matt HimeMatt Hime 

Live Agent Chat, visualforce page does not connect

I have set up live chat in my dev org and am able to conduct a session without problem.  However,  when I use a custom chat page,  no connection is made and the page just hangs at the point of connecting to an agent.

I'm seeing the following error in the console,  which might be the cause - I'm not sure:

Uncaught Error: Organization ID must be set!
window.liveagent.chasitor.init @ chasitor.js:60
Sfdc.provide.init @ LiveAgentChatWindow.js:22
(anonymous function) @ LiveAgentChat:32

followed by a series of 503 errors for the audio.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Could you please let me know if you are still facing this issue or if you found a solution?
Matt HimeMatt Hime
Solution found - As I recall,  we needed to set an Id using the Network.Id for the community in question
Madhusudhan raoMadhusudhan rao
Hi Matt Hime,
can you please provide me the exact solution for this issue?

Hi @Matt Hime,

Could you please let us also know the solution,i am also facing same issue.


WenHao OoiWenHao Ooi
Do anyone know the solution to this issue?

Wen Hao
WenHao OoiWenHao Ooi
Hi All,

I've found the solution... For my case, the error occur whenever i enable the developer mode and view state. Once i turned it off, everything seem to be working fine but i counldn't figure what the reason behind. Hopefully someone can come out to give an explanation for sake fo the community.

Anyway, hope it help.

Wen Hao