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Chris Wall 1Chris Wall 1 

Pardot slow set up concerns

Hi everyone
We took out a contract with Pardot at the beginning of this year, in the belief that it would complement our existing Salesforce CRM fairly quickly, automating our marketing and sales activities substantially to build sales, client data, etc
Unfortunately the Pardot set up period has taken way longer than their initial 8 week prediction.  5/6 months in, Pardot is still proving more time consuming to run on a daily basis than we were led to believe, with support for data imports and other automation issues sometimes taking up to 2 weeks to resolve issues (which might be resolved within an hour by phone).  We have been advised that phone support is not part of our “Basic” Pardot package, but we have now reached the stage where I cannot afford to invest any further substantial time on Pardot set up.
The whole process is very frustrating for me as a Marketing Manager and for our directors as I am still spending approximately 50% of my working week on Pardot, with very little return on our investment in this project.
Can anyone identify with these issues?
Do you have any suggestions to how we can speed up results and enable me to move my focus back to the core marketing activities I was employed for. We need to get to a stage soon where Pardot is not just earning its keep, but improving our business in the way we were promised.
Many thanks
Christine Wall
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Christine,

Can you please list out the issues that you are facing with salesforce -pardot integration, so that we will check if there is something that we could do to improve the performance?

Best Regards
Naga kiran
Stephanie BleyenbergStephanie Bleyenberg
 Hi Christine,

We implemented Pardot this year as well. While Salesforce is so customized, the implementation of Pardot is very cookie-cutter. After learning the basics, we have seemingly been left to sink or swim. I asked how other companies handle the more technical aspects of the ongoing use of Pardot. Their answer: they (the other companies) put their tech and/or web development teams on similar projects.
That is not very useful if you (like us) do not have dedicated tech/web teams. We do have some drip campaigns and mass email functionality now after a LOT of trial and error. 
I would suggest to focus only on small pieces that will affect your ROI immediately. Do you have a roadmap of what you would like Pardot to do for you?
We started with automating lead drip campaigns to shorten the sales cycle. 
I  would be happy to help you, if you would like.

Thank you,
Stephanie Bleyenberg
Ned LiddellNed Liddell

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience with using Pardot as I've become a big fan of the tool and the people behind it.  I'd need to hear more about the specifics of your issues with data imports and automation to offer any real advice.  If you're still interested let's chat here.  Or perhaps others who see your post would like to follow up.

I am a Pardot user in that my marketing grad students at NYU actually set up and learn to run Pardot as part of a class project.  It's a course in the theory and implementation of marketing CRM, with lots of reading and discussion of analysis.  But they use Pardot for website visit tracking and email drip campaigns and a linked Salesforce instance to make calls and exchange personal emails in order to build relationships with people who opt-in to be part of the project.   I've watched four semesters of students now be introduced to a marketing tool they knew nothing about and figure it out pretty quickly.   (Thank you to Salesforce and Pardot for providing our students with these tools, btw.)

I only teach one course per semester and the rest of the time work as a certified Salesforce and certified Pardot professional.  In a call yesterday with a someone about to sign up for Pardot and for Salesforce I gave very aggressive estimates for (short) time frames to do the basic setup of each and connect them together but warned that how they handle their existing data and get it blended into the Pardot flow can be a challenge ... but that's true for any new system where data exists already.  I'm guessing that your issues had to do with data.

Best regards,
Ned Liddell