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Alan McSporranAlan McSporran 

Getting error trying to abort scheduled batch job (Invalid parameter value "000000000000000" for parameter "id")

I've got a CronTrigger entry on a customer's site that has an empty CronJobDetailId that's probably preventing a new System.scheduleBatch() call from running. When I run:

An exception is thrown:
  System.StringException: Invalid parameter value "000000000000000" for parameter "id".

How can I abort this job?

- Thanks
Have u tried to delete the job record via DML
Mrunali GaonkarMrunali Gaonkar
Hi Alan McSporran,
       Try this,
       CronTrigger[] cronlist = [select Id from CronTrigger where ownerId=:UserInfo.getUserId()];
       for(CronTrigger obj:cronlist) System.abortJob(obj.Id);
Thanks and Regards,
Mrunali Gaonkar.