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email message fields in custom html template give no result

Hi all,

I am creating several custom templates in html, and I want to put some email message fields in the template. But they give no result! I use these:

From: {!EmailMessage.FromAddress} <br>
Date: {!EmailMessage.MessageDate} <br>
To: {!EmailMessage.ToAddress} <br>
Subject: {!EmailMessage.Subject} <br>
{!EmailMessage.TextBody} <br>

Please help!

Thanks for all your help.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Ok So you are trying to get these fields in the body of the email you are sending?
That is correct. These are used in the reply we send the customer. In the template we want to send the customer also the email they send to us and the date they send it. So they know what their original email was on which we respond.