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Pavanaja YellajosyulaPavanaja Yellajosyula 

Impact of Validation Rules on Salesforce to Salesforce

Hi All,
I'm using salesforce to salesforce to connect my 2 orgs. Consider one is source org from which records are comming and other is destination org.
There is a field "Age" which is present in my both orgs but it has a validation rule only in destination org, saying that "Age cannot be empty". when i inserted a record in source org with Age empty - > its not being inserting in destination bcoz of validation error. Till here everything is working fine but when i gave a value to Age of the same reocrd in source org still its not being inserted in destination.
  This means once a error came in destination for a paticular record.If it gets updated properly next time meeting all its entry criteria then also destination org is not accepting that previously rejected record. For this i have changed validation rule to accept externally shared records.
   Is there any other workaround for this problem ?
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Pavanaja,

The reality is when two companies connect their salesforce.cominstances, in most cases each company has its own unique set of validationcriteria and triggers.Additionally, these criteria might be looking at fields that haven't even beenshared between the connected companies. Today, if a customers accepts arecord from a connection and that record fails to meet validation or triggercriteria we provide a generic error message stating: 0 records accepted.It is on our roadmap to provide more useful error messages as well as log theseerrors in the Connection Audit so the customer can do something about it.

Please see the link below

Best Regards
Naga Kiran
Jeff HunsakerJeff Hunsaker
 original question asked, for which I am also having the same problem has to do with how to get a record syncing again.  I have found that once an error occurs on a record, and the sync is unable, then correcting the data later will NOT allow the record to be inserted or updated.  The original error on the Record in the Target org prevents either an insert or update later. 

Is this the way it should work?  is the anything that can be done to force the Insert/update to resume once the data is fixed?

I have made numerous updates on the Source record, but the target now just remains stuck in old state.