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Charline MitchenerCharline Mitchener 

add custom field to hyperlink

I have a image hyperlink in site.com where I am trying to make the end of the URL the value of a custom field in the User Object. 

The idea is that the code looks up the custom field from the current User - there is a custom user field which displays the salesforce id. 
The code I am using is - 

<a href="/samplesite/Advisor_Profile?id={!CurremtUser.salesforceid__c}"><img src="https://ap1.salesforce.com/resource/1436458247000/FS1C" height="35" width="164"> 
salesforceid__c holds the Salesforce Contact ID. Once it's working, it would create a link like this -    /samplesite/Advisor_Profile?id=348432934234djf  (salesforce id on the end)

I must be doing something wrong within the code - when I test it the URL just keeps the custom field name - https://sitepreview.ap1.force.com/samplesite/Advisor_Profile?id={!User.salesforceid__c}

Any help would be appreciated
Jitendra RawatJitendra Rawat
Hi Charline,

You can use this code 
<a href="/samplesite/Advisor_Profile?id="{!$User.salesforceid__c}><img src="https://ap1.salesforce.com/resource/1436458247000/FS1C" height="35" width="164">

If this is help you then please select best answer.

dillip nayak 3dillip nayak 3
Charline MitchenerCharline Mitchener
Hi Dillip and Jitendra,
Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately neither of these work. 

Jitendra, this is what the URL looks like with yours - 
http://ausure.force.com/AusureFSG/Advisor_Profile?id=    (not picking up the field at the end)

Dillip this is what it looks like with yours - 

Thanks for your help.