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Rachel LinderRachel Linder 

Use a Workflow Rule to Perform a Picklist Field Update Based on a Date Field

I have a formula field called Revenue date field that is calculated based on 10 business days after a date being put into a field called submitted date. Once that revenue date hits that 10th day it populates the revenue date with a date. i would like to write a workflow rule that does a field update of a picklist field off of this revenue date field. I would like to update that picklist field from Submitted to Completed on that 10th day. Currently the way I have it written is the following:

  • Evaluation Criteria: Evaluate the Rule when a record is created, and any time it's edited to subnsequently meet critera
  • Rule Criteria: Business_Day_Count__c<=TODAY()
  • Time-Dependent Workflow Actions: 0 Days After Submitted Date

This isn't working...It looks like it should.
Any ideas on where to correct this?


Hi Rachel,

It requires more details about the configuration you did. Try with small time and check on debug log how it is executing 

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Chasity HeddenChasity Hedden
hi, did u solve yr problem?
Chasity HeddenChasity Hedden
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