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Jean-Christophe LEGEAYJean-Christophe LEGEAY 

Build a Conference Management App Creating the Data Model

I am trying to complete the step where you have to set up the Master-Detail Relationship. I followed all the steps but I got this message.
I have already set up such Master-Detail Relationship before during the trailhead, it worked but this time i don't know what is wrong

"Step not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
A sample Session Speaker record could not be inserted. Please check the relationship fields with the Speaker and Session objects
Note: you may run into errors if you've skipped previous steps"

Schema builder

I double check all should be allright?

Here are my two related fields :
User-added image

and the last one :
User-added image

Thanks in advance
Jean-Christophe LEGEAYJean-Christophe LEGEAY
Worth to note that the app works well, the relationship works also,  the next challenge is validate. So there must be an issue with the validation step.
In Session,Speaker and Session Speaker object,you have defined the Record Name as Name, Name, and Name, but It should be Session Name, Speaker Number, Session Speaker Number respectively.

anand k 11anand k 11
Speaker record should be Auto Number instead of name thats why its not allowing you insert record
Jean-Christophe LEGEAYJean-Christophe LEGEAY
It is already set up as an Auto Number. I also check the record name of each object and its respectively Session Name, Speaker Number, Session Speaker Number.
Do I miss something?
Here is my data model:

User-added image
Jean-Christophe LEGEAYJean-Christophe LEGEAY
Ok thank you, I will try.
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Hi Jean - from the screenshot of your ERD, I think the problem is that your 'Session Date' field (on the 'Session' object) is of the wrong field type. It has to be a Date/Time field (not a Date field as you currently have it). 
We're also updating the error mesages for this step of the project b/c as you can see, it is currently very misleading (the problem has nothing to so the Session Speaker object). Apologies for that red herring - we'll update the error messages shortly. Thanks
Sandeep Bhanot
Shobhit SharmaShobhit Sharma
check the data type for date should be date/time not date..