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Paweł PiskorzPaweł Piskorz 

Manual sharing rules gone missing


I am facing an issue in one of the orgs when Users have suddenly lost access to records using manual sharing. Access to records of the Object is based on set of Sharing Rules as well as Manual Sharing rules added upon insertion of the child record with a specific data related to it, then based on that criteria Manual Sharing record is inserted granting access to the Users meeting such crtieria. I have checked the changes made to the childred records and there's been no changes after it was created a few weeks ago, at that time users had access to the parent records, but lately some of them has lost acces, I queried the sharing records and there are none for those Users, neither any exist when adding isDeleted = true. Is there anything that could cause such issue? Also I am unable to reprcoduce it so far, would you please help me?

Thanks in advance
This may be due to ownership changes to the record - http://www.infallibletechie.com/2015/06/impacts-of-changing-record-ownership-in.html
Paweł PiskorzPaweł Piskorz
Thats not the case, the owner of the parent record has not been changed as it is not allowed to do that for the users, neither any sys admin did. It was one of the first things that I have checked beside other things I stated.
Michelle GrantMichelle Grant
Paweł , I have come across the same issue. Did you ever figure out what the issue was?
John Weymouth 2John Weymouth 2
Pawel, Michelle, did either of you figure out what causes these manual account sharing rules to disappear? The last modified date didn't change. The rule is just changing. So strange!