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Need help with Cordova Polymer authentication use of force-signin tag.

I'm trying to dip my toes into the new Salesforce Polymer components. However the force-signin tag seems to require a callback url, which isn't really applicable to a hybrid Cordova app. Looking over the example (https://github.com/ForceDotComLabs/paper-sobject-editor) hasn't really been of any help as it uses a node.js proxy to handle the redirection.

So I guess my question is, what is the correct method of authenticating to Salesforce when using the polymer components? The old template created with "forceios create" seems to no longer be valid, though perhaps a mix of the old and new could work.

Looking at the force-signin element documentation (https://github.com/ForceDotComLabs/mobile-ui-elements) (such as it is) indicates that the callback url can be left off, if the bootconfig.json is setup for it, but there is no further information about how to properly configure and reference the bootconfig.json file.